About Forte

“A thing at which someone excels"

Welcome to Forte — the place to find out what it’s really like to do a job you’ve always wondered about, or have an unusual pastime. Forte interviews real people who do fascinating things with their time, and finds the untold story behind work that had not previously piqued your curiosity. 


Micki Myers is the editor of Forte. In her capacity as a freelance journalist, she has interviewed celebrities for Maniac magazine, and taught interview technique. She is the author of the books Trigger Finger, and the breast cancer memoir It’s Probably Nothing…

Micki has been gainfully employed in a wide variety of jobs, including architectural draftsperson, graphic designer, artist, photo re-toucher, sign painter, frame maker, medical writer, writing and literature teacher, book reviewer, and freelance writer. 

In addition to Forte, Micki’s edits a number of blogs. The Grist Mill is Micki’s own blog; Yuckylicious explores the world’s worst cookbooks; The Inky Jukebox reviews country music; and Scott’s Last Blog recreated Scott of the Antarctic’s fatal expedition in real time. 

Micki can be found at her website, www.mickimyers.com and on facebook at MickiMyersAuthor


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